Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tech: iPhone 4GS this Fall?

Apple iPhone 4GS coming Fall 2011

It looks like the rumor mill has been going top speed this week as some reporting that the next iPhone will be released this fall.  The next Apple WWDC is centered around software and not hardware. So it looks like we won't be seeing the next generation iPhone this year, but an update of the current iPhone 4, currently being billed as iPhone 4GS.  The top of the rumor list is that it will be released this fall to its current wireless carries (AT&T & Verizon) and the introduction of the device to the other two major US wireless companies: T-Mobile & Sprint.  That is a sign of better things for Apple and iPhone users as for the first time it will be available to all four major US wireless carriers.  Although the name 4GS would signify the device to handle 4G speeds, it will still run on 3G at best. 4G technology is still developing and growing so it's not a big disappointment. I'm sure the true 5th generation iPhone will run on 4G speeds.  One major upgrade is that this 4GS will have the A5 processor.  Perhaps the "S" in the name has the same purpose as its 3GS predecessor: SPEED.  The wireless technology inside this "upgraded" iPhone will be HSPA+ so there won't be 4G speeds.  That rounds up the rumors of what's inside.  The outside changes, however, are still a mystery.  Aluminum backing? That would be cool but I highly doubt it.  I think I'll stick to my iPhone 4 for now and hold out for the true next generation next year. 



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