Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ArtByJames: Dade Blue-Therror (Dragon Wings by D.C. Grace) BNCart

Dade Blue-Therror
Dragon Wings (The Amethyst Dragon Series)
by D.C. Grace
BNC Artwork

Here is Dade from D.C. Grace's Dragon Wings. This one was a challenge. I had a difficult time trying to get that right effect for his jacket. After numerous times of trying different brushes, I was able to find one that created the look. The end result came out good.

Feel free to download, share, or use my drawing (just please credit me and link it back to my blog...Thanks!) For everyone that participated in the BNC over at, bookmarks will be made soon and you'll be getting one.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming BNC (Book Nerd Choice), visit Jean's blog at to find out more information. 

Also, please check out D.C. Grace's book one of The Amethyst Dragon Series: DRAGON WINGS by clicking the icon below



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