Saturday, April 7, 2012

HappeningNow: Kelly Clarkson Stronger Tour - Reno, NV 03/31/2012

Kelly Clarkson
Stronger Tour 2012
Reno, NV
March 31, 2012

Kelly's stop at Reno for her Stronger Tour was my third time (fourth overall) seeing her at the Reno Events Center. The expected three hour drive over the mountains into Reno was delayed by heavy snow storm on the hilltops. Chains were required through the snow and the usual 70mph drive was drastically decreased to a mere 20mph only.

Expecting to be in Reno in the early afternoon, we didn't arrive until right before the start of the show. The usual three hour drive was extended to an uncomfortable eight hour through one massive snow storm. Nevertheless, we arrived and the two hours that Kelly spent on stage made up for the five hours that were added to our drive. Thanks, Kelly!

Courtesy of The Examiner:
On Saturday March 31, 2012, Kelly Clarkson, American Idol's first ever winner rocked the Reno Events Center to a nearly sold-out audience of all ages. Everyone in attendance knew the words to every song and Clarkson took advantage of that by letting the audience sing the chorus to many of her hits. It was a sight to see thousands of her fans singing in unison.
Clarkson opened the show with the story of her eight hour journey from Vegas to get to the show in Reno, her flight was diverted to Sacramento Ca. due to high winds in Reno. It was snowing all day over the pass and Interstate 80 was really messed up so, they had to wait till the weather cleared in Reno. She finally arrived in Reno one hour before the opening act hit the stage. even with no sound check her set really sounded fantastic, my hats off to sound guys.
One of the highlights of the show, (and there were many) was a duet with a three story hologram of country singer Jason Aldean on "Don't You Want Me To Stay". It was very impressive.
Her set, that started a bit late and lasted over two hours went like this (taken off the set list given to me by the sound guy), 
"Darkside", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since You Been Gone", "You Love Me", "Heavy In Your Arms", "Ready For Love", "Einstein", "Walkaway", "I Know You Won't", "Don't You Want To Stay", "I Forgive You", "Already Gone", "Still Won't Know What It's Like", "Breakaway", "Mr. Know It All", "Miss Independent" and four encore songs, "Never Again" (piano version), "Because Of You", "Stronger" and "My Life Would Suck".










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